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Esthetics Queendom is a centralized space for both Men and Women that offers a comforting atmosphere while receiving spa services. Owned and operated by Dominique aka Miss D, Esthetics Queendom has been providing excellent service to the Bay Area since 2015. The Queendom is a one stop shop for all beauty and esthetic services, where all who enter will leave feeling like a rejuvenated version of themselves!

All are treated as Kings and Queens and can expect various beauty services of superior quality. There is a facial for every skin type that will stimulate healthier looking skin. Options in hair removal techniques, like Sugaring or Waxing, which both provide different benefits for silky smooth skin. Eyelash Extensions with a natural look and feel, to enhance your natural lashes. And Microblading 3D Brows that will add more balance and symmetry for the perfect brow!

With over 3 years of professional experience and two years as a Small Business Owner, Miss Dominique works diligently to provide you with the utmost care and comfortable experience during each visit. Miss Dā€™s passion for skincare started at the age of 13 with a bottle of vitamin E capsules and she has been passionate about helping others with their skin ever since. Miss D is also passionate about educating her clients on how to treat their skin with care and healthy regimen to optimize the desired results. Miss Dominique started Esthetics Queendom in 2015 with a few loyal clients and has since served several hundred men and women in the Bay Area.  As Your Favorite Esthetician, Miss Dominique goes above and beyond to enhance the natural beauty that you possess.



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your favorite Esthetician

Dominique Bobineaux

Miss D began her journey as an Esthetician over 3 years ago and has since enjoyed creating her own space doing what she loves...making Women feel beautiful! As a youth advising those around her on skincare tips came naturally, so when she discovered that she could make a career out of it, she took a leap of faith and pursued her Esthetician license. As a single mother and full time student, Miss D did not allow anything to discourage her from becoming a licensed professional. Her humble beginnings started at Avalon beauty school where she completed the 6 month program in 4! Since  receiving her Esthetician license in 2014, she has obtained multiple certifications requiring hours of dedication to be able to provide the best experience and education for her clients. Now her business continues to grow and she continues to do what she loves....beautifying Women from all over the Bay Area!