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Monthly Memberships

Esthetics Queendom offers various membership options for Eyelashes, Facials and Hair removal. If you enjoy investing in your self-care regimen and would love to visit often, then there is definitely an option for you! Click below to checkout the best option for you!

eyelash Memberships

The average person looses about 2-4 natural eyelashes per eye, per day. This is due to the natural hair cycle that occurs throughout the body. It is recommended to visit often to replace the fibers that fall away with the natural adult lash. Click below to learn which membership option is best for you.

facial memberships

The skin has a cell renewal cycle of its own and is generally 21-42 days depending on your age range. It is recommended to receive a facial every 4 weeks to maintain a healthy skin cell turnover and keep that beautiful skin free of blackheads and other impurities that enter the pores. Click below to discover which monthly subscription is best for you!

hair removal memeberships

Because each area of the body varies on growth patterns and cycles, there will be various time lengths in which you should return. Hair removal encourages hair to grow evenly, thinner and less. It is recommended to return every 2 to 4 weeks depending on the area, to ensure the hair follicles remain thin which helps reduce any discomfort during the service. Click below to learn which hair removal subscription is best for you!