Policies & Privacy

No Show, Late & Cancellation Policy

For any client who does not show up for their reserved service, he/she will be charged 100% of the service(s) booked. For any client that is more than 5 minutes late to their scheduled service(s) with or without any notice regardless of the reason, then a new time must be scheduled, OR he/she will be charged for 100% of the service(s) booked. NO fee will be assessed if the client cancels AT LEAST 48 hours prior to the scheduled service(s) OR reschedules within 7 days of the cancellation. If the client cancels less than 48 hours, a charge for 100% of the scheduled services will be assessed. There are NO refunds and NO exceptions.

Menstrual Cycle & Personal Hygiene Policy

Services are permitted during menstruation cycle. A tampon MUST be used, and the guest MUST refresh the tampon prior to the service. The Queen being waxed should be advised that during, and possibly before or after the menstruation cycle, the area can be more sensitive and cause discomfort during the service. If the Queen should experience such discomfort and request to stop the service, she will still be charged for the service and will have to return when the sensitivity subsides. It is greatly appreciated that the King or Queen come bathed prior to their services, and all private areas are cleaned and prepared for hair removal services.

Deposit Policy

In order to reserve the scheduled service, a credit card must be put on file, but will not be charged until the service is complete or if there is a violation of the above-mentioned attendance policy. This is to ensure that the King or Queen will show up at the time reserved, for the services that are requested.

Young Queens & Kings Policy

Any minors under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a Guardian/Parent when receiving services. Any clients 16 or older, and with the permission of their guardian, may receive vaginal hair removal services. A government issued ID must be presented, and is the only form of identification accepted at Esthetics Queendom LLC. A consent form must be, and can only be signed by a Legal Guardian; appropriate identification for the guardian must also be presented. A guardian must also accompany the minor during the entire service.

Additional Guests & Children Policy

Although we love the little ones here at the Queendom, I am only able to provide esthetic services and not babysitting services. If your young King or Queen isn’t able to keep themselves occupied and well behaved during your service, then I ask that you please leave them with a loved one prior to arriving for your scheduled service. If you are unable to find a loved one that will care for your young King or Queen, then the service can be rescheduled for another time. One additional guest is permitted per King or Queen.

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of the utmost value to me, so at no time do I share your information with anyone, for any reason. Your personal information that is provided to me via consent forms, questionnaires, etc. are used for bookkeeping and my personal records only. At no time will there be any filming or photos of your services, unless you have given your permission to post your photo for portfolio portraits. At no time will your information be posted, such as your given name or social media usernames, unless you have given consent to doing so for portfolio purposes.