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Classic Style $225

This technique is done by applying a single fiber to a single natural eyelash to give a more natural look. Imagine not having to wake up to apply mascara for up to 4 weeks! The fibers weigh a little less than a natural eyelash so that no damage is caused to the natural set. This appointment requires 2 hours. All products are CRUELTY FREE!


Volume Style $300

This technique is done by applying 2 to 3 fibers per eyelash to give a fuller look to the lash line. No, you won’t look like you are wearing an over dramatic strip lash, but this set is intended to give a more voluptuous look and fill in gaps. The fibers weigh less than the natural eyelash, so that when applied they do not cause any damage to the lash line. This appointment requires 2 hours and 45 minutes. All products are CRUELTY FREE!


volume plus $350

This technique is the same as the Volume Style but instead is done by applying 4 to 10 fibers per natural eyelash. This technique gives a more dramatic, yet natural look. This appointment requires 3 hours. All products are CRUELTY FREE!



All refills are subject to as needed basis, meaning if the set requires more maintenance than the elapsed time from the previous set, then the appropriate refill selection will be assigned.


Hour  $80          $115 $150

Half Hour      $40 $60 $75                                                                                                     



The removal can be a standalone appointment of up to 30 minutes. This can also be added to any service if there is any mascara or eye make-up that will interfere with the application process of the eyelash extensions.

Eyelash and Make-up removal - $50