Hair removal, Skincare & Lashes


Eyelash extensions are an enhancement practice that adds length, thickness and fullness to the natural lashes. The extensions consist of synthetic or synthetic silk hair. An adhesive is used to gently attach each individual synthetic hair to the existing natural lash. The synthetic lashes are light in weight and do not cause any damage to the natural lash.


Facials are treatments for the skin that address skin conditions and concerns. They consist of skin cleansing, toning and massage for stimulation of the skin cells and layers. Facials allow the skin to be treated by a professional to help maintain healthy skin. When you couple a great skincare regimen with regular facials, the natural beauty that you possess is only enhanced and enriched!



Waxing is a form of hair removal that removes the hair from the follicles. This form of hair removal is semi-permanent, meaning the hair will eventually grow back, but takes longer to do so because it has been completely removed from the follicles. Depending on the Queen or King’s hair growth cycle, and the area of the body, the approximate time that the new hair will grow back, will vary between 2 to 4 weeks after waxing. Waxing can be applied to most areas on the body where unwanted hair exists.



Sugaring is an organic hair removal alternative to traditional waxing. The sugaring paste is derived from sugar, water and lemon juice and is applied to the skin layer and the hair is removed from the follicle with a flicking motion of the paste. The results can last up to 5 weeks, but can vary depending on the King or Queens hair growth cycle, and the area that has been sugared.  



Microblading is a semi-permanent eyebrow procedure that is applied by using a specially crafted hand-tool to manually apply pigment into the superficial dermal layer of the skin. Very neat & crisp hair strokes are created with this unique tool and manual skill that mimic the existing eyebrow hairs, to create a natural and more balanced looking eyebrow.